Jewelry Care

Every jewelry piece is handcrafted with love and must be cared for properly to last a long time. All our chains, charms, and huggies are 24k gold plated, 18k gold plated or plated with other precious metals. Plated jewelry is dipped in gold, meaning it is usually brass jewelry dipped in a coat of genuine metal, like gold and silver. Gold-plated jewelry is an affordable option for an expensive-looking piece.

The longevity of your jewelry all depends on how the jewelry is taken care of. Any moisture (water or sweat) or chemicals (makeup or perfume) should be avoided because these liquids may cause a reaction with the plating, causing it to wear off.  Hot and humid conditions may cause the pieces to tarnish quicker and should be avoided. Lastly, our jewelry should not worn when sleeping because the jewelry may get crushed while sleeping. Hope you keep your jewelry shining!